Why Does My Arthritis Hurt More at Night?

The most common complain made by arthritis patients is the increased pain particularly at night time. And the problem is real. Arthritis shows the tendency to disturb the sleep cycle of the patients with its flare-up during the night to the point that almost 80% of the arthritis patients suffered from disturbed sleep due to this pain.

Given that people after a hectic day desire for a complete rest with sleep , the arthritis tends to throw spanner in their routine resulting in restlessness , frustration and possible health problems due to lack of a healthy sleep cycle. The lack of sleep and recovery again tends to exacerbate the joint pain triggering a slew of health problems both physical (inflammation) and mental (mood swings & depression).

To help arthritis patients improve their condition, in this blog here we are going to delve in to the relation between increased arthritis pains in the night – sleep disturbances and give you couple of tips to improve you sleep cycle. Read on:

Why does my Arthritis hurt more at night?

There are multiple factors that are responsible for increased pain in the night. The levels of Cortisol, the anti-inflammatory hormone tends to be lower in the night increasing the inflammation in the joints. Add this to the stationary positions of sleep that patients hold for longer times which can stiffen the joints, the pain tends to exacerbate to a new level particularly yin the night.

Given there are no distractions in the night the pain threshold happens to be quite low making it even tougher to tolerate the increased pain caused by arthritis. However there few steps you can take to decrease the incidence of the pain and help you sleep better:

Maintain a consistent sleep routine: You can also induce a consistent sleep cycle by going to sleep every day and waking up the same time. Adopting mindful meditation and breathing techniques to relax yourself can help you fall asleep early.

Increase the physical activity in the day: While exercise does help to improve the mobility and flexibility of the joint sit comes with an added advantage to ease you quickly into sleep in the night.

Ensure a health pre-bed routine to ease you into sleep: Make sure you do not indulge in electronics screens which tend to disturb your ability to sleep early. Avoid taking caffeine post afternoon and we suggest you read a book if possible, to lull you into the sleep. If you have employed all the above tips and you still suffer from restlessness caused by lack of sleep, then it is high time you consult an expert orthopaedist to help you improve your sleep cycle.

Arthritis has the power to destroy the most essential activity for the patients – their peaceful sleep. But only if you let it. If you are an arthritis patients suffering from sleeping caused by increase in the joint pain, expert orthopaedist in Mumbai, Dr. Chirag Patel can help you.

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