The Patients Perspective on Joint Replacement Surgery | Dr. Chirag Patel

Over the years, Dr. Chirag Patel has made name for himself as the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Surat for his unparalleled expertise and remarkable record in treating the joint disease and conditions. When asked about his achievements Dr. Chirag has directed us to the patent’s testimonials page, “these are what I consider as achievements”, he says.

So we have randomly selected three joint replacement cases to give you the patient’s perspective of Dr. Chirag’s Joint Replacement Surgery. Read on:

A new lease of life for Manharbhai Patel:

Mr. Manharbhai Patel has arrived at our clinic after seeing a newspaper advertisement about the Knee Replacement Surgery Conference. After suffering from severe joint pain for more than 20 years now, Manharbhai Patel’s knee was severely deformed making his walking difficult for him. It was in the conference he came to know about the knee replacement surgery as he saw patient walking without any support 36 hours after the surgery. After a thorough discussion with Dr. Chirag Patel Manharbhai Patel was optimistic about getting back to his pain-free walking phase. He had his knee replacement scheduled on 02-02-2018 and 3 days later he was walking right in the clinic without pain and any support.

Relieving Mr. Ashwin Kelawala from Osteoarthritis pain forever:

Youngster Ashwin Kelawala was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis which was unsuccessfully treated earlier by his first surgeon. He has consulted Dr, Chirag Patel for the second opinion in 2018 who after the thorough examination has recommended Total Hip Replacement to treat the condition. Ashwin had all his queries solved by Dr. Chirag Patel on the procedure and is right-on with the surgery suggestion. An expert in Hip Replacement Surgery, Dr. Chirag Patel has successfully performed the surgery in mid-2018. After a physiotherapy session following the surgery, Ashwin was able to walk without any support within one month. And it was after many years Ashwin has experienced how a complete pain-free walking feels like. “I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Chirag Patel and his team”, says Ashwin with a glint in his eye.

Wish I Consulted Dr. Chirag Early – Mr. Hilal Suryavanshi

Mr. Hilal Suryavanshi had suffered Hip Arthritis for many years. He had consulted many surgeons who recommended surgery but Mr.Suryavashi was not entirely convinced as he was already past 65 years of age. But as fate would have it, he had suffered an accident and got his hip fractured and that was when he happened to consult Dr. Chirag for treatment. Dr. Chirag’s extensive experience in helping senior citizens with their joint problems has worked its charm on septuagenarian. By then Mr.Suryavashi has become very confident about the procedure and before even he could realize he had his hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Chirag. The surgery as promised by Dr. Chirag has relieved Mr. Suryavanshi from the debilitating pain that was haunting for 20 years and he was walking pain-free within 2 days of the procedure. I never thought I would be able to travel to my native place again. I only wish I had met Dr. Chirag Patel and had undergone my hip replacement earlier”, says the elated Hilal Suryanshi.

As said earlier we have selected three patient testimonials to give you an idea of Dr. Chirag’s expertise in Joint Replacement Surgeries in Surat. You can read more here.