Tips to Prevent Shoulder Injuries this Summer

Summer is the season to get active. It is the time to recover from the never-ending laziness during winters, and the time to ditch all the rainy-day excuses. Summers are all about playing, hanging out, and doing everything that you ever wanted to do. In summers, the sky’s the limit. However, people tend to get too active in this energetic weather. People, especially children, tend to injure themselves while playing all day long  And while taking the injuries during a game well might boost sportsmanship, some need to be addressed immediately, especially the shoulder injuries as they are most common across all age groups.

Let us see how we can prevent Shoulder Injuries this summer.

Three types of Shoulder Injuries

To prevent something, we need to understand every aspect of it. Here are the three types of shoulder injuries: tear, sprain, and strain.

Shoulder Tear:

This injury refers to the damage to the soft tissues responsible for giving the shoulder joint its mobility. The shoulder tears can be caused due to a sudden injury or can develop due to repetitive physical trauma. The symptoms of a shoulder tear include excruciating pain and trouble in the mobility of the shoulder area. It is best to visit the best joint replacement center to see if you have got a rotator cuff tear, a bicep tendon tear, or a labral tear.

Shoulder Sprain:

The stretching or tearing apart of the ligaments that support your shoulder joints is called a shoulder sprain. It is caused due to a physical trauma directly on the shoulder- like falling on your shoulder with a loud thud while running in the field. You can get your sprain diagnosed as a grade 1,2 or 3 mild shoulder sprain; or as a grade 4,5, or 6 severe shoulder sprain.

Shoulder Strain:

If you have plans to go swimming or play tennis all day long this summer, you should be cautious of shoulder strain. A strain in the shoulder refers to the stretching or tearing of the muscles or tendons in that area. This condition can also appear if your shoulder is in one position for long durations of time.

Now that you know what kinds of shoulder injuries you might be at risk of, here are some tips to avoid them this summer:

  • If your shoulder gets too heavy after an activity, stop stressing it out and take a rest.
  • Don’t lift too much
  • Stick to warming up before any workout
  • Maintain your posture

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