3 Common Issues Patients Face After Knee Replacement

Pain in the knee joints can be extremely annoying. The knee replacement surgery is performed to replace the knee joints that are bearing weight with metal or plastic components. This allows a better movement of the joints and gets rid of the excruciating pain.

But it is not all smiles and laughs about this procedure. There are a few issues that patients face after knee replacement, and here are the three major ones:

     1. Knee Pain 

As ironic as it may sound, but the aftermath of a total knee replacement surgery that is performed to get rid of the pain is also pain, which is accompanied by swelling and stiffening. However, it is not as bad as it sounds. Patients generally observe a noticeable improvement in their pain and swelling within ten weeks, but it takes almost a year after the surgery for most patients to permanently get rid of the discomfort.

     2. No movement of the knee

Your knee replacement specialist would provide you with a list of restrictions after the surgery that you have to adhere to. Activities that stress the joint of the knees such as kneeling, squatting and driving are supposed to be avoided in this observation and recovery period. In the first five weeks of the knee surgery, these restrictions are to be kept in mind strictly, and they are relaxed gradually as the status of the patient’s health improves.

     3. No movement without support

This brings us to the next challenge that patients with recent knee replacements face. The patients are unable to walk without support for almost a month and a half, and they need constant use of walking aids for the necessary movements. And it sort of makes sense too- you wouldn’t want to stress your knee out after surgery by walking around. They can change their walking aids from a simple walker to crutches as their health improves. But in the initial days after the surgery, you need someone’s help with daily assistance in your chores.

Most of these challenges are bearable if one has enough determination to get through it all. However, you can make the process of knee replacement a little better by getting the surgery done by one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Mumbai, Dr. Chirag Patel.

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