Foot Pain and Problems

Foot Pain and Problems – A Complete Overview

The foot is said to be one of the most complex parts of the body since it’s composed of 26 bones connected by many ligaments, tendons, and joints. The foot is easily susceptible to stress because it bears the weight of your body when you are standing or walking. Exposure of the foot to stress can lead to foot problems such as pain, injury, and inflammation.

  • It usually lasts for a short time and gets relieved with the help of proper rest. In some cases, it could be an ongoing issue that needs proper treatment. In such cases, neglecting your foot pain under foot could lead to limited mobility.
  • Sometimes, it is also caused due to underlying medical conditions such as diabetes. Diabetes affects the flow of blood throughout the body, including feet and legs. This condition is called diabetic neuropathy. Hence, diabetic people experiencing foot pain worse when resting should get it checked with the doctor.
  • The other possible causes of foot pain include arthritis, gout, bone spurs, injuries, fractures, Bursitis, flatfeet, Haglund’s deformity, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Peripheral neuropathy, Corns, and calluses.

You can treat pain at home with the help of home remedies that will relieve your discomfort and pain. But, if you are experiencing regularly and are not sure of the cause, you must visit a foot specialist Mumbai. Here are a few situations where you must see a doctor immediately.

  • If you are experiencing sudden pain without injury and it is severe.
  • If your foot pain is because of a recent injury.
  • If your foot is inflamed.
  • If you already have a medical condition that can cause foot pain.
  • If the area that is causing foot pain is discolored.
  • If your pain is associated with fever.
  • If you have an open wound.

Although foot pain is one of the most common complaints from people of all ages, this is something you should not ignore if it is persisting for a longer time. If you are suffering from chronic foot pain,

Here Are a Few Tips You Can Follow to Prevent or Minimize Your Suffering

  • Make sure to choose comfortable and well-cushioned shoes.
  • Make sure to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid footwear that can cause pain such as narrow toe areas and high heels.
  • Before engaging in strenuous exercises, make sure to stretch your toes.
  • Whenever you are going outdoors, always wear footwear to protect your feet.

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