Immediately After The Total Knee Replacement: Pain, Swelling and Bruising

It is very common for people undergoing knee replacement surgery to feel pain and experience bruising after it. One should keep in mind that these do not mean that the surgery has been unsuccessful. It is very normal to experience these and there and the post-operative stage plays a very vital role in healing a patient completely. There are several precautions after knee replacement surgery that need to be taken for not making the pain even worse like using a stick while walking or not putting pressure on the knee at all.

How to deal with knee replacement swelling? 

Knee swelling is very common and can be uncomfortable too for the patient who has just undergone surgery. It needs to be taken proper care of and must not be overlooked because, if not treated at the right time, it can later cause a problem in a person’s range of motion and might even make simple activities difficult.

To ease the swelling of the knee, a good knee pain specialist in Mumbai will ask the patients to apply cold packs. A cold pack is the best way to reduce swelling and thus, it is highly recommended by all. The doctor might also prescribe some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) that can easily reduce swelling and pain.

How to treat the knee pain? 

How can one forget about the pain which comes almost after every surgery? Pain is a very common thing after a knee replacement surgery and people who have undergone a total knee replacement surgery know that dealing with it is very essential. A patient might want to avoid taking any medicines at all for the pain because they might fear getting addicted to it or they might fear any kind of side effect that might arise from consuming the medicines.

A patient might want to talk to the doctor regarding the pain killers which would be good for their health and will not cause any side effects that might be feared. Skipping medications altogether is not at all recommended.

How to deal with the bruising after knee replacement surgery?

Blood clots are very common after a total knee replacement surgery and treating them is quite easy. The bruises look reddish-purplish. To get rid of it, a doctor might recommend a person to just raise their leg or do a little walk after many days of surgery so that the bruises just fade away on their own. There is no need to panic if bruises appear as they do not need any special medicines to be sure.


So these were a few ways in which people can get rid of swelling, pain and bruises after a total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Chirag Patel is currently the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai. So if a person wants to get their knee replaced they need to go to the best knee doctor in Mumbai that is Dr. Chirag Patel without giving a second thought to their choice as he is the best.