What is Runner’s Knee? Why Should Every Sports Person Be Aware of It?

Runner’s Knee as the name suggests is the most common knee injury that impacts every runner at some point in their lifetime. But runners’ knees are not limited to just runners but also can impact any sports that involve prolonged stress on the knee joint.

At our Sports and Joint Clinic Orthopaedic surgeon and sports injury specialist, Dr Chirag Patel has treated hundreds of cases of runner’s knee successfully. And among the cases treated, skiing, biking, jumping, cycling, soccer and running are the sporting activities most of our patients belonged to.

And we found that the awareness of the runner’s knee is the most common reason why sportsperson had to succumb to the injury and hence in this blog we have decided to provide brief information that can help sports persons avoid this common injury. Read on:

What is Runner’s Knee?

Pain at the front, behind or around the knee cap due to overuse of prolonged stress on the knee joint is called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, commonly the Runner’s Knee.

Pain in the front of the knee cap where the thigh bone meets the knee cap is the most common area of pain for athletes. Around 20% of the runners do experience this knee pain condition at some point in their lifetime.

What causes Runner’s Knee?

Poor alignment of the knee cap, a natural shallow groove in the femur, muscle imbalance or weakness, improper warm-up before an intensive workout session is some of the common causes of a Runner’s Knee. So Runner’s knee is not only limited to athletes or runners, anyone can be diagnosed with a dull pain at the knee joint.

Symptoms of Runner’s Knee:

Dull pain near the pain which starts and worsens over time is the common symptom of the runner’s knee. This pain can may come and go while performing physical activities. In matured cases, simple physical activities like walking, going down the stairs. Kneeling, or standing up from a chair may bring-up the knee pain.

Treatment for Runner’s Knee in Mumbai:

The treatment for a runner’s knee in Mumbai, like any sports injury treatment, depending on age, overall medical health history, severity, pain factor, and how well the patient can handle medications.

Rest, Ice, Cold. The elevation is the first protocol we recommend as soon as the athlete suffers from the sudden onset of the knee pain”, says sports injury doctor in Mumbai Dr Chirag Patel. Medications, stretching exercises, physiotherapy sessions, foot Orthotics, taping and bracing are other common treatment procedures for a runner’s knee.

How to reduce the possibility of Runner’s Knee?

Prevention is always better than cure and according to a sports injury doctor in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel the risk of runner’s knee always can be reduced by following a few simple tips.

  1. Proper warm-up before running or workout session.
  2. Staying in shape to reduce the burden on the knees.
  3. Maintaining and proper running or workout form.
  4. Using right running or workout gear.

However you have already experienced a runner’s knee, we advise you to consult a certified sports injury specialist in Mumbai like Dr Chirag Patel to have it sorted out before it pouts out of the game for a longer time.

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