Are There Gender-Specific Implants For Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

A total knee replacement surgery has come a long way and every person nowadays knows what it is. It truly helps a person in getting rid of all the excruciating pain in their knee that might be a big problem for people.

To improve the result for the Indian women who are more prone to developing osteoarthritis, doctors and surgeons have come up with an advanced technology which is known as gender-specific knee replacement surgery in which gender-specific implants are used. Keep reading to know everything about it.

What are gender-specific implants?

A gender-specific implant for total knee replacement is considered to be a prosthesis that is primarily designed for either a man’s knee or a woman’s knee. The difference between them is the size.

The size of the woman’s prosthesis is smaller than that of a man’s so that it is properly fit into the knee. However, one thing needs to be kept in mind and that is nowadays most of the gender-specific prostheses are made keeping a woman’s joint anatomy in mind because of the higher risk of them developing osteoarthritis.

How are they made? 

So, gender-specific implants are made by keeping the average size data in mind. The average size data falls somewhere in between the size of a man’s or a woman’s knee prosthesis. This means that first, the designer chooses an average size for making the implants, and later, it becomes either smaller if it is for a woman or it becomes larger if it is for a man because it is true that the average size of a man’s knee joint is larger than that of a woman’s.

Is it truly effective?

The main reason behind designing a gender-specific implant for total knee surgery was to increase the durability and improve the function of the patient who has been a user of it. That is why a gender-specific implant was said to be an advanced technique but, truth be told, there is no official data that can prove whether it truly makes a big difference or not.

good orthopedic doctor in Mumbai will know whether they should use it or not depending on the condition of a person’s knee. Many of the top knee replacement surgeons in Mumbai are not choosing gender-specific implants for knee replacement surgery as no clear changes are seen after using them. But if a person has heard from someone about the benefits of a gender-specific knee replacement, they might discuss it with their doctor to know what is the best for them and what should be avoided.


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