How long Joint and Hip Replacement Sustain?

If you are suffering from severe chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis,  you may not get relief with therapies, or injections. Chances are that you need a joint replacement surgery in Mumbai.

Now there are various confusions about joint replacement surgery.

  1. What is the success rate?
  2. How long would it last?
  3. What are the side effects?
  4. Who can undergo such surgery?
  5. Questions like these pop up frequently.

So here are the answers to all these questions.

Most of the joint replacement surgeries are successfully done providing a pain-free joint to the patient for a long time. Now, if you talk about how long the replacement would work, there come many conditions. However, in 90% of cases, the replacement tends to last for 10 to 15 years. This means they are not for a lifetime. So if young people get joint replacement surgery, they may need to do it again.

Thankfully, technology is developing and new ways are coming up to make the replacement sustain for longer. A joint replacement surgeon in Mumbai is hopeful that the latest evolution of replacement surgeries may last longer. It is suggested that the new cross-linked polyethylene implants may last longer than the previous implant materials.

Also, another development called ‘robotic surgery’, which uses a robotic mechanism to complete the surgery seems to function way better than the manually performed surgery.

What are the risk factors to sustain long and hip replacement?

Even after successful surgery, mishappenings can happen in the short or long run. Though early failure is rare, it usually happens according to the physical condition of the patient developing infections.

Patients who have severe diabetics, BMI, poor immunity, or malnutrition are prone to post-surgery infections. These risk factors should be examined and minimized so that the side effects of the surgery are controlled.

However, long-term failure is common. With time, the strength of the bone and the implantation may weaken. The cement may loosen gradually and spread around the area causing swelling and infections. Thankfully, such conditions can be treated and an orthopedic doctor in Mumbai would suggest a revision surgery.

How can you make the replacement last longer?

The primary responsibility goes to the doctor. The doctor has to examine the condition of the patient and decide whether he needs a partial or a total joint replacement. The risk factors should be considered as well. The surgery place must be personalized that meets the requirements of the patient as the condition varies from patient to patient.

The next part can be played by the patient. You can follow some steps to let the implant last longer.

  • Avoid heavy activities but stay physically active.
  • You must avoid obesity and maintain weight.
  • Go for a regular checkup to examine the potential risks.

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