Difference between Revision Hip and Knee Replacement

Revision hip replacement and revision knee replacement are the two most successful surgeries that enable the patients to live a happy and pain-free life. Both surgery procedures are beneficial for humankind, but there is a difference in both the replacement procedures.

Revision hip replacement:

Hip replacement is a mechanical device that is set before and at the time of the surgery. It is also known as a ball and socket. It restores the movement in the hip for the lifespan of the ball and socket prosthesis.

Over time, this device fails due to mechanical and biological factors. In such cases, the operation is done again to fix the issue with the mechanical device. This reoperation is called revision hip replacement.

Reasons for the revision hip replacement:

Several factors lead to the revision of hip replacement. These are:

1. Repetitive hip dislocation

In the ball and socket device, the ball must remain inside the socket so that the mechanical device can work well and maintain the hip movement. However, certain conditions force the ball to come out of the socket. It is known as hip dislocation. The hip dislocation damages the major muscles and ligaments. It leads to further complications, and the doctor then advises the revision hip replacement.

2. Mechanical failure of ball and socket

The ball and socket parts move against each other. This continuous movement leads to the wear and tear of the mechanical device. Since younger people move faster, it leads to the breaking off of the parts of the mechanical device.

The body considers these broken parts as foreign particles and creates an immune response against them in the hip area. It leads to the damage of bones in the hip. In severe conditions, it causes a bone fracture.

The best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai addresses this issue and implants new parts.

3. Infection in hip replacement

It can occur at any time. Sometimes an infection in other body parts leads the bacteria to the hip area, which causes the infection. After diagnosing the infection, revision hip replacement is performed to treat it.

Revision knee replacement:

After total knee replacement, patients may need the reoperation to fix the parts again or clean the bone surfaces. The prosthesis can be replaced partially or completely by the knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai. It is called revision knee replacement.

Reasons for the revision knee replacement:

The reasons for the need for a revision knee replacement are:

  1. Infection: Although the risk of infection is little in total knee replacement, it’s not nil. In such cases, knee revision is required.
  2. Instability: When soft tissues around the knee fail to provide stability, knee revision is used to treat it.
  3. Wear and tear: The mechanical wearing and tearing in the knee area get treated with knee revision.

It is necessary to follow the precautions to prevent both procedures. The patient should get himself checked by a hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai regularly to diagnose any arising problem.

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