Mobility and Activities after Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery involves removing the ball and socket joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. It allows the patients to be stable while standing or walking and gives relief to the pain.

Recovery after the hip replacement is a necessary process, and it differs from person to person. The patient should take proper care to recover after the surgery and avoid the risks that occur after the surgery. Here are the various activities that patients can do for the successful recovery after the hip replacement surgery:

1. Before getting discharged from the hospital:

After the surgery, a patient stays for 3-5 days in the hospital. During this time, the patient needs to follow several goals to return to normal life activities again.

These goals include:

  • Using the bathroom by yourself.
  • Getting on and off the bed.
  • Being able to take food and drink by yourself.
  • Being able to walk with a device like a cane.
2. After getting discharged from the hospital:

One needs to make several changes in their home so they do not feel uncomfortable at their own home after the surgery.

These preparations include:

  • Placing your frequently used items near your bed.
  • Removing the tripping hazards from your home.
  • Get a high chair for comfortable sitting.
  • Install a raised toilet to use it comfortably.

Reaching the home after getting discharged from the hospital, the patients need to follow certain things to recover faster. These things are:

  • If the patient’s stitches are not removed, take necessary instructions from the doctor regarding the bath.
  • Clean the area around the incision regularly to prevent any infection and other complications.
  • Keep monitoring your fever timely and contact the doctor if it passes the threshold.
  • If the wound starts becoming red and causes irritation, consult the doctor immediately.
Activities and mobility exercises after the hip replacement:

The best hip replacement surgeon advises performing some prescribed exercise on a regular and controlled basis. These exercises make the muscles around the hip area strong and help the patient in doing his usual life activities.

The best orthopedic surgeons in Mumbai recommend these exercises for the patients:

1.  Walking

Walking has many advantages. It is gentle on hip bones, keeps your weight balanced, and increases immunity.

2. Tennis

Playing a doubles game in tennis is beneficial after the hip replacement surgery. It helps you to return to your normal day-to-day activities. However, the best hip replacement surgeons in Mumbai recommend to not overdo it.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a gentle exercise. It provides health benefits to the patients without affecting the hip replacement of the patient.

It is not only advisable but necessary to follow all the recommended activities so that the patient does not suffer from any further risks and complications. When patients do not follow the prescribed instructions, they undergo revision hip replacement. It means going through the same pain and trauma again.

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