Everything You Need To Know About Knock Knee & Knee Realignment Surgery

Knock knee is an incorrect alignment of the knee where the knees bend inward and “knock” against one another even the ankles are apart. This improper alignment will put great stress on the outer part of the knee damaging it over time. Though it affects both the knees, Knock Knee may also affect a single knee.

Knock knee when left untreated can impact knee mechanics, cause knee pain ultimately resulting in joint degeneration. At our clinic in Mumbai, Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Chirag Patel regularly treats knee knock condition and we regularly get queries about this knee condition. So in this blog, we aim to give brief information about the causes, and treatment of knee knock condition with knee realignment in Mumbai. Read on:

What causes Knock Knee?

Temporary knock knee is very common among children in their development stages. They sort themselves out below 5 years of age. In cases where the knock knee condition persists after 6 years of age are usually caused by one leg being longer than the other. Knock knee after this growth stage are usually due to infection or development defects.

Congenital or development problems that arise due to either trauma injury or infection are the most common cause of knock knee we usually see among the patients in Mumbai. In addition to this other common causes of knock, knee includes metabolic disease, knee arthritis, renal failure, bone tumours, rickets, and infection to the bone or fractures. In rare cases, extreme overweight may also cause the knock knee condition.

Symptoms of Knock Knee:

The common symptom of the knock knee is the separation between the ankles even when the knee is together. Pain, abnormal gait, knee or hip pain, ankle or foot pain, stiff joints, walking with limp, unstable knee, difficulty in the running are other common symptoms of knock knee condition.

Treatment for Knock Knee with Knee Realignment Surgery:

As said earlier, the knock knee may sort out themselves in growing children in case they don’t, imaging tests and blood studies are performed to diagnose the condition. Invasive surgery is usually performed in children with metabolic problems.

Knee Realignment Surgery using Osteotomy:

Knee osteotomy is a common procedure that is commonly used to realign the knee in adults with arthritis damage on one side of the knee. Knee realignment surgery is performed to shift the weight of the body from the damaged side of the knee to the healthy side of the knee.

A knee surgeon performs this knee realignment surgery by removing the wedge of the shin bone from the healthy side of the knee to transfer the weight from the damaged part of the knee to the healthier part. Knee osteotomy not only corrects the alignment of the knee but also prolong the knee joint’s life span. If you are living in Mumbai and are looking for treatment for a knock knee in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel is the best Orthopaedic and knee surgeon in Mumbai with an excellent track record. You can contact him here: https://www.drpatelchirag.com/