Life after Acetabular Fracture Treatment & Other Frequently Asked Questions

Acetabular Fracture : The hip plays a foundational in every movement of our daily life which is why a hip/acetabular or pelvis fracture can cause serious damage to our quality of life. According to hip replacement surgeon Dr Chirag Patel, the pelvis fracture also happens to be the most serious injury treated by an orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai.

In most cases, pelvic fractures are caused by motor vehicle accidents or serious falls. And due to the difficult anatomy of the pelvis that involve multiple bones, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels, treatment for the pelvis fracture will need orthopaedic expertise and treatment to return to normal health. On our website, we often get a lot of consultation queries about pelvis fractures which are quite natural due to the serious nature of the fracture.

In this blog with the inputs from Top Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel we will answer two most commonly asked questions here:

What are treatment options for pelvis or acetabular fracture?

The goal of any treatment procedure for any fracture is to help patients regain their mobility and help them get back to their regular health as soon as possible. As for any fracture, the bones in pelvis fracture suffers displacement in most cases and treatment for acetabular fracture depend upon the specific fracture. In general two types of treatment options for acetabular fractures are adopted today:

  1. Non-surgical treatment for acetabular fracture: Stable fractures without displacement are usually the right cases for non-surgical treatment. In few cases, realignment is also performed using anaesthesia and this procedure is called close reduction. Non-surgical treatment procures of acetabular fracture is also preferred for patients that may not be able to tolerate the surgeries.
  2. Surgical treatment for acetabular fracture: With surgery, an orthopaedic surgeon uses an incision to reach the bones and align them. Uses medical-grade hardware such as wires, pins, plates and screws the bones are held in position to enable better healing.

How long is the surgical procedure for acetabular fracture?

Surgical treatment for acetabular fracture in Mumbai usually takes an average of 9-10 days, according to orthopaedic and hip replacement surgeon Dr Chirag Patel. However, there is also post-operative care that must be followed by the patient and must consult the surgeon every couple of weeks, have radiographs and x-rays in intervals to have their progress gauged. On average it may take 6 to 9 months to completely recover from the acetabular fracture.

How is life after acetabular or pelvis fracture?

While life after acetabular fracture is painful and handicapping, the treatment can breathe fresh air into the life of the patient by significantly reducing the pain and discomfort. Life after acetabular fracture treatment is much more enabling for the patient if all the precautions are followed.

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