Different Types of Hip Surgery

Types of Hip Surgery: The hip is the most common source of pain and discomfort in older adults. Despite being the most robust joint in the human body, it is prone to various issues as we age. Given the critical role it plays in everyday movement and stability, any problem in the hip makes it tough to perform daily movements and robs the peaceful sleep.

Fortunately, plenty of non-surgical and surgical hip treatment options can help people around all age groups get rid of debilitating hip pain. While minor hip issues can be treated using non-surgical options, severe issues will need hip surgery.

And plenty of hip surgery options are available based on the underlying issue responsible for hip pain and associated problems. With inputs from a leading orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Chirag Patel, we delve into the most common hip surgery procedures performed today by Mumbai hip surgeons. Read on:

Different Types of Hip Surgery:

Hip Arthroscopy:

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive hip surgery procedure usually performed to correct hip impingement, treat cartilage damage, and perform hip labral repairs. The procedure is performed through tiny orthoscopic apparatus, inserted through small holes to diagnose and in surgery.

Hip Resurfacing:

Hip resurfacing is a surgical procedure that is performed on a damaged hip joint to reconstruct it to restore structure and mobility. Unlike hip replacement procedures, where the entire joint is replaced, hip resurfacing involves reshaping the femoral head without completely removing them. This procedure is usually performed in osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis cases among relatively young and active individuals.

Partial Hip Replacement:

Partial hip replacement, as the name suggests, is the surgical treatment option where only the femoral head is replaced while the acetabulum is kept intact. This procedure is performed in cases of hip fracture where only the femoral head is damaged, and the socket remains healthy. This is also recommended for elderly candidates for whom the total replacement is a risker option for the treatment.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The complete femoral head and acetabulum are replaced in total hip replacement procedures to give the hip joint a new lease of life. “This procedure is usually performed as a final option to relieve severe hip pain and improve mobility in severe cases of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hip fractures or avascular necrosis,” says an orthopaedic surgeon and hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Chirag Patel.

Revision Hip Replacement:

As the name implies, this hip surgery is a revision to the total hip replacement surgery when the artificial implant needs to be repaired or replaced. Wear and tear, implant failure or other complication usually lead to revision hip replacement surgery.

Revision surgeries are usually more complicated and require much planning to correct underlying issues perfectly. If you are in Mumbai and are looking to consult an orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai specializing in hip surgeries, you can contact Dr. Chirag Patel .