What to Do for Back Pain Relief

One in four people experience back pain on a regular basis. Back pain is common in now-a-days, but the condition doesn’t mean it is normal. It is a warning sign that your body has reached its limit and developed a problem. So, the sign should be obeyed and illness should be treated. Dr. Chirag Patel’s team discovered solutions and listed here.

Exercises: There are videos available on internet which you can follow and reduce the pain. Almost anyone can get relief by stretching the muscles.

  • Bring knees to chest: Gently pull both knees to the chest while lying on your back until a stretch is felt, repeat it for 5-6 times in a day.
  • Knee twist: Lie on your back and bend your right knee across your left side of your body. Hold it for 20 seconds to feel a gentle stretch through the back muscles. Go to normal and repeat it with the other leg.
  • Cobra Stretch: Lie on your stomach, legs extended and palms, forearms and elbows on the floor. Slowly lift your body upwards by resting on the hands and your hips should rest on ground. Stretch as much as possible and hold for 10 seconds.

Natural Remedies:

  • Apply heat or cold packs on the area. Ask an expert to know how to apply it safely.
  • Ice works as an immediate pain reliever, but temporarily.
  • Use a pillow under your knees while sleeping; this reduces the pressure on the back.
  • Family history of pain, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, overweighed, too much physical work or being inactive are the other risk factors for back aches.
  • Take lots of potassium rich foods, bright coloured greeny vegetables and fruits, coldwater fish and herbs tea also reduces inflammation thus back pain.

Physical Therapy:

  • Go for a professional physiotherapist for exercise program for muscle movements, posture controlling and stretching. This is generally taking when there is an accident and severe aches.
  • Manual therapies such as massages or spine manipulation should be given by an expert. This therapy is called as chiropractor in medical terms, possible side-effects and number of sessions are explained in the process. They often use technique by giving short, rapid and forceful movements to re-align your spine; it releases the air filled in the joints. We often hear pop sound when we stretch or sit down after long time.

Prevention: Because prevention is better than cure, realize before it attacks you.

  • Dedicate some time every day for your fitness. Inhabit walking, swimming, jogging and exercise in your routine life.
  • Bend your knees not hips when lifting heavy weights.
  • Maintain a good posture every time.
  • Don’t sit or stand for long time.

Surgery: Surgery is not generally advised unless a specific reason has been identified. It is taken as the last option and if no other treatments have worked. As every treatment has its side effects, discuss and aware of the risks associated with the surgery from your doctor. Dr. Chirag Patel, popularly known as the best hip replacement surgeon in Surat may be helpful for your back surgery. If you are in and around, take an appointment for Hip Replacement in Surat.