Joint Replacement Specialist In Surat – Dr Chirag Patel

Medical procedures scare away a lot of people due to lack of information available. Joint replacement is a big topic of discussion in the doctor’s arena of walks. With old age creeping in, we hear the reports about people going on for the Joint Replacement surgeries to help them move agility. Let’s look at some basic information about Joint Replacement Surgeries.

Joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint and putting in a new one. A joint is where two or more bones come together, like the knee, hip, and shoulder. The surgery is usually done by a doctor called an orthopedic surgeon. Replacing the joints helps the patients to move effortlessly without pain and mobility comes back.

Reason for Joint Replacement:

  • Joints is damaged by arthritis and other diseases, injuries, or other causes.
  • Arthritis or simply years of use may cause the joint to wear away.
  • Diseases and damage inside a joint can limit blood flow, causing problems in the bones, which needs blood to be healthy, grow, and repair themselves.

This leads to a need for replacement of the joints for ensuring free movement of joints in older people.

How Durable is the New Knee Joint ?

  • New joints generally last at least 10 to 15 years, therefore when younger people take the surgery. They need to replace the joints every 15 years.
  • A new joint, called a prosthesis is either made with plastic, metal, or ceramic parts. It is usually cemented into place or not cemented, so that your bone will grow into it.

Joint Replacement Doctors in Surat:

People are happy about their problems in health if they can find a doctor who works and lives near them. Travelling hassle is overcome and people get treated fast. Most people have this expression when hearing about joint pains “Orthopaedic doctors near me”. So let’s try to find a doctor who is good and famous while helping joints pain go away in Surat. Dr. Patel Chirag comes top of the list and is referred by many as one of the doctors to go for orthopedic.

Majority of people who have total knee replacement surgery sees a reduce in the knee pain and a significant improvement in the ability to perform common activities.

His work in helping the patients recover from joint replacement problems is key to his Dr. Chirag Patel popularity in Surat and Gujarat too.

The work on joint replacement surgery has given the people a lot of help with mobility and ability to walk without pain.

So, if there is some stiffness and pain in the knee, consult the Dr. Chirag Patel in Surat.