What Happens When You Have a Fracture ?

The skeletal system is made of 206 bones and dense tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. Fractures occur when the bones are subjected to excessive force or stress culminating in the fracture. Some fractures can lead to just a crack or shattering of the bones completely. It all hinges on the amount of stress delivered to the bones and the circumstances of the injury suffered.

Causes of Fracture:

  • Injury
  • Physical impact in sports such as Football, Wrestling
  • Fall from height

Types of Broken Bones:

  • A simple facture where the bones broke into 2 parts.
  • An open or compound fracture is when a piece of bone protrudes through your skin or if the force of the injury breaks the skin.
  • A closed fracture is when the bone breaks, but the skin is intact.
  • A spiral fracture is when the break spirals around the bone.

Treatment for the Bone Injury:

A proper first aid programme is essential to the overall treatment of the fracture. Put the ice on the injury to reduce swelling while cleaning the wound with a soap or antiseptic. Covering the wound with a bandage to eliminate chance of infection. If the broken bone is in your arm or leg, a sling or splint will stop the injured area from moving and stabilizing it. If there is a broken upper leg, pelvis, spine or hip, we have to take extra care of it. Attempting to move will damage the injured area.

Expert Care in Form of Hospitalization:

The doctors will advise an X-ray to determine the fracture and also identifying the type of fracture. After the diagnosis, the doctor will align the bone correctly while stabilizing it with the help of a cast. If the casts fail in aligning the bones, the doctors will advise the patients to use slings or special bandage to stable the bones.


Some fractures and bone injuries often require the surgery to alleviate their pain. During surgery, pins, plates, screws, or wire cables in the bone are placed to hold the bones together.


Fracture takes a while to heal and it depends on the severity of the injury to be precise. Healing of the fracture in children in faster compared to the adults. Doctors often prescribe healthy exercise to regain the strength in the muscles. Strengthening your muscles and regain flexibility in your joints is the primary aim during the rehabilitation program devised by the physical therapists.

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