Common Questions for Pain after Knee Surgery

Every year millions of patients get their Knee replacement surgery to relieve their everyday pain that has become unbearable for them to get on with their everyday activities. Total Knee replacement surgery has been a kind of boon for patients who suffer from chronic knee pain.

It is safe to assume that not a magical procedure that completely transforms your knee. The main purpose of the surgical procedure is to decrease the pain and increase the mobility and function after an ideal recovery period. “The road to complete recovery is filled with post-surgical pain, swelling and bruising which is quite common among patients, so there is nothing to worry about if you are being treated by a qualified and experienced Joint Surgeon”, says Dr. Chirag Patel.

He has been successfully performing Knee Replacement Surgeries for years now, and here are the answers to common questions he has been asked by patients over the years:

How common is the pain after knee surgery?

Experiencing pain after the surgery is normal and quite common after the surgery and is taken care by the surgeon. That said, a conclusion can be drawn only after carefully assessing the accompanying symptoms and also the progression of the pain

How long does the bruising last?

Bruising is the purplish discoloration caused by the blood in the surroundings of the knee area. It is another temporary occurrence after the surgery that lasts for 2-3 weeks.

How to deal with the pain and swelling after knee replacement surgery?
  • Though pain, swelling and bruising are a common occurrence your surgeon will make sure you are on the right path of the recovery program with medications and rehab. The patient is requested to stick to the prescribed medication without fail.
  • It is advised to not miss the physical therapy sessions. While medications reduce the pain, physical therapy strengthens your joints to accelerate the recovery process. Post-operative exercises strengthen your muscles, improves your range of motion and stimulate the blood flow in the knee area, and accelerates your healing.
  • Consult with your doctor regarding the care to be taken to reduce the pain. Communicate the progress of your recovery which can help them fine-tune the medication and recovery process.
Will my knee be different after the recovery?

You might experience a small numbness outside the scar, noise clicks when you move your knee which is quite common. But more importantly, you will feel less pain and will surely regain the lost mobility after the knee surgery process.

Having said that, post-surgical pain can manifest itself differently in different patients depending upon their medical history and health. It is advised to take a follow the recovery process prescribed by your surgeon to the brim.

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