What Kind of Physical Activities Should Be Followed After the Knee Replacement Surgery?

Congratulations on your successful knee replacement surgery, now it’s only a matter of time before you get back to your older days – yeah, the ones without the pain. Though your new Knee is right on the money in mimicking your older one, it does take some time for it to get used to your body. So, getting back to all of your everyday activities will take time. And that is where recovery comes into the picture. Now it’s your turn to play an active role in the recovery process by following a regular physical activity regimen.

This physical activity must consist of simple exercises that restore the strength and mobility of the knee to help you get back to your everyday activities.

Exercises for strengthening your knee after Knee Replacement Surgery:

Ankle Pumps:

Lay flat on your back and bring your toes and feet up towards the ceiling. Now push your feet and toes away from you followed by pulling them towards you at a manageable pace for up to 10 repetitions. This helps in increasing the blood flow and reduces the possibility of blood clots.

Heel slides:

Lay flat on your bed and slowly slide your heel towards your buttocks raising your bent surgical knee towards the ceiling, hold for 5 seconds and slide back your heel to its original position. You can use a plastic material under your legs to make the slide easier.

Quad sets:

Sit on the bed with the pillow behind your back. You might have noticed that your surgical knee is slightly bent at an angle leaving a small gap between the bed and the knee. Now slowly push your knee into the bed tightening your thigh muscles; hold for 5 seconds, and return to the relaxed position.

Short arc quads:

Place a rolled up towel underneath your knee such that the back of the knee in on the roll. Now kick your foot up towards the ceiling, tightening your thigh muscles. Hold for 5 seconds and relax. Make sure the back of your surgical knee stays on the roll throughout the exercise.

Sitting Kicks:

This one simple. Sit on a chair or on your bed and straighten your knee; hold for 5 secs and relax.

For Range of Motion:

Knee Bending Stretch:

Sit on a sturdy chair and place a plastic sheet underneath your operated leg. Now slide your leg back as far as you could, hold for 5 seconds and relax. Now slide your leg forward as far you could go each time you repeat.

All the above exercise are to be repeated 10 times, performed 3 times a day.


Walking is one of the best exercises that can help your knee recover. Initially, you will be walking with crutches and support, but as you perform the above-mentioned exercises you build your strength and range of motion and improves your walking too. Apart from your normal walking in the home, you must make walking one of your exercises and gradually increase your walking distance.

In the majority of cases, patients resume their everyday activities after 12 weeks. The Knee slowly gets better and soon they will be enjoying activities that were too painful for them before the Knee replacement surgery.

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