Protect your Joints with These Simple Health Tips

Simple health tips, no matter what your age is, your joints can cause problems for your day to day life. Though this joint pain most probably makes an appearance in the older adults, the younger generation could also face the wrath of this needling agony, due to injuries. 

Why the Joints, pain?

A joint is the connection of two bones and there are almost 360 joints in a human body. These joints are held together by the Cartilage, a tissue that is softer than bone and harder than muscle. This cartilage acts as a cushion and ensures that the bones move smoothly in the joints, providing smooth movements.

When this cartilage degeneration happens due to aging, the bones rub each other causing discomfort, stiffness and pain. Millions around the globe are affected by this condition and that is because they do not take proper care of their joint until they realize their joints pain.

Here are the five simple tips that can help you take care of your joints and save you from joint pain in the days to come:

Slim down:

A healthy weight is the best way to improve the longevity of your joints. If you are over-weight, slimming down significantly slows the progress of wear and tear of cartilage. It is estimated that every Kg of weight you lose will take off almost 4 kg of stress on your knee. You can easily save your hips and knees from unnecessary pains by losing weight.

Water is your best friend:

Not staying hydrated is the most common mistake we all commit and our joints might take a beating for the mistake. When the body is not hydrated enough, it pulls the water from the other body parts including our cartilage in the joints, which can trigger or amplify the degeneration process. Stay hydrated and your body will thank you for it by keeping your joint pains at bay.


We cannot stress this enough. Exercise plays a key role in maintaining a role in healthy joints. Get active by exercising regularly and your heart pumps the blood nourishing the cartilage. If your joint is making it tough to go hard-core, you can focus on joint-friendly exercises that have a low impact, like walking, swimming, Pilates, and cycling which can also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Say no to Smoking:

Not just lungs, smoking can cause problems for your joints too. Tobacco increases the inflammation throughout the body and makes it difficult for the body to recover from the injuries. If you cannot quit smoking, please consider controlling your intake daily.

Consult your Doctor:

You can only act on it when you can identify the specific reason behind the joint pain. It can be due to incorrect posture or form of exercise which can readily be corrected or it could even be the onset of something arthritis, only a Doctor can find out. So, make sure you consult the right Doctor who can help you alleviate your pain.

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