Most Common Wrist Injuries That You Should Know

From writing to typing and even carrying groceries, we rely on our wrists for almost every movement in our daily routine. This ubiquitous functional nature of the wrist injuries makes it even more distressing and painful as they keep you away from doing things you want to do.

Given the central role they play in our every movement, they suffer the highest risk of injury one way or the other. Be it during exercise, sports or any other regular activities, the wrist can suffer injuries out of nowhere. When you do just do not panic or worry, all the injuries are treatable.

It is not that easy, isn’t it? But it is when you already know why your hand or wrist aches. And we are going to make you aware in this blog with inputs from an orthopaedic surgeon and the best sports injury doctor in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel.

Most Common Wrist Injuries Suffered

Majority of the wrist injuries are traumatic, but some can happen out of nowhere too. So we divide this section into two traumatic and non-traumatic wrist injuries:

Traumatic Wrist Injuries:

Fall On an Outstretched Hand (FOOH) is the most common traumatic wrist injury where the wrist suffers trauma due to injury or fall. Some of the common traumatic wrist injuries are:

  1. Distal radius fracture: Fracture that occurs near the wrist at the end of the forearm.
  2. Chauffeur’s fracture: Fractures happen when the bone near the base of the thumb
  3. Ulnar styloid fracture: The bony projection at the end of the arm near the wrist gets fractured.
  4. Scaphoid fracture: This is the most common fracture suffered by athletes where the small bones in the wrist bones get injured.

Non-Traumatic Wrist Injuries:

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is the most common non-traumatic wrist injury that particularly affects techies all around the world. It happens when the nerve in the wrist is pinched resulting in numbness, weakness and pain.

A ganglion cyst is another cause of wrist pain which occurs when the fluid leaks from the joint and forms the wall around it. The cyst can be easily removed by surgical procedures. Arthritis is another common cause of wrist pain.

Symptoms of Wrist Injury: When to Seek an Orthopaedic Doctor in Mumbai?

Sports, repetitive activities, mishaps during exercise and rheumatoid arthritis are the common causes of these wrist injuries. A sore, numb, weak and swollen wrist that stops you from doing regular work is the most common wrist symptom. An orthopaedic doctor must be consulted as soon as any of these symptoms show up.

Wrist Injuries – Treatment & Prevention

Treatment for wrist injuries depends upon the severity of the symptoms. Rest, brace or cast, pain relief medications, physical therapy, injections and surgery are some of the most common treatments available for wrist injuries.

“Using wrist guards, performing the exercise, stretches with frequent breaks, adequate nutrition with calcium and Vitamin D can help prevent non-traumatic wrist injuries.” says orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel.

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