Most Common Hip and Knee Injuries to Sports Personnel

A sports personnel or an athlete’s lifestyle is vastly different from an ordinary person’s. They need to be active all the time which means that their body undergoes a lot of rigorous movement throughout the day. This kind of active lifestyle also means they are more susceptible to hip and knee injuries.

The accidents undergone by sports personnel and athletes can be of a dangerous kind and can cost their career so it is very important to get even the smallest of injuries checked out. This article will highlight the most common hip and knee injuries that sports personnel can suffer from.

Common Hip Injuries in Sports

The most common kind of pain seen in most tablets is in pain and it can be a very frustrating problem for athletes. Although hip pains are usually caused by a muscle pull there can be other conditions that affect a player too. Visiting a hip replacement surgeon for consultation is a good idea in case you suspect any injury to the hip. Listed below are a few common types of the hip. Injuries that players can have:

  • Muscle pull – when a muscle is overworked or strained beyond its capacity it is known as a muscle pull. This usually occurs in the area of the groin, pelvis, and hip due to an improper warm-up, fatigue, or incorrect use of the muscle.
  • Contusion – a contusion is commonly known as a bruise and it refers to an area in which the blood capillaries have burst. This can occur in the hip region if the largest bone of the hip, the ilium is injured. This condition is known as a hip pointer.
  • Hip bursitis- the bursae refer to the fluid-filled sacs that are present throughout the body. They are responsible for decreasing the friction between the muscles, bones, and tendons. When they are inflamed near the joint hip it can cause pain during hip movement.

Knee Injury in Athletes

Listed below are a few common knee injuries that many athletes and sports personnel suffer from:
  • Fractures – The patella or the knee cap shields the knee joints and protects them during falls because of which it can break during an intense fall. Many athletes suffer from kneecap fracture and it is a serious injury that requires a long period of complete rest and at times even corrective surgery.
  • Dislocations- If one twists their knee during a fall, crash, or high impact situation it can cause the knee bones to fall out of their place. This is referred to as a knee dislocation and at times the body may relocate the knee on its own or a doctor may have to do it using a sedative.

There are many more common hip and knee injuries that athletes suffer from. Visiting an experienced professional is important and among the top sports injury specialists in India is Dr. Chirag Patel. He is an accredited and renowned doctor that has been ranked the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai. Get in touch with experts today to avail immediate help.