Hip Osteoarthritis – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Procedures:

Hip osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis usually suffered by elder adults along with knee arthritis. Top orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel estimates that around 25% of people face the risk of developing hip osteoarthritis at some point in their lives.

Fortunately, one can reduce this risk by adopting preventive steps and the first step in this process is to improve awareness about hip osteoarthritis. And this blog aims to do so. Here we help you understand hip osteoarthritis, its causes, and symptoms and make you aware of hip osteoarthritis. Read on:

Human Joints – Hip & Osteoarthritis:

A joint in the human body is where two bones join to hold the skeleton together and support everyday functional movements. Depending on their construction, jointly provides a diverse set of movements and synovial joints are the most common type of joints in the human body.

Synovial joints are movable joints that provide a diverse range of movements and there are many types of synovial joints based on their construction: Hinge joint (knee and elbow), Ball and socket joint (shoulder & hip), Pivot (neck) and more. All these joints are supported by ligaments tendons and cartilage. This cartilage acts like a cushion that aids in free movement, avoids bones rubbing on each other and unfortunately is gets deteriorates as people age causing joint pain as bones start to rub on each other – osteoarthritis, most commonly called arthritis.

Cause of Hip Osteoarthritis:

When hip cartilage starts to degenerate, the hip joint goes through the same process – pain, swelling deformity and inability to perform everyday activities. As for the causes, there is no single cause that can entirely be attributed to osteoarthritis; increasing age, family history of osteoarthritis, obesity, hip injury, and improper formation of hip bone during birth are some of the most common factors that may increase the chance of suffering hip osteoarthritis, according to Dr Chirag Patel, the best orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai.

Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis:

Pain obviously is the most common symptoms of hip osteoarthritis. While in some cases, it develops slowly over time, sudden onset of pain is also possible in few cases. Stiffness may accompany the pain and can worsen in the morning or after prolonged resting or sitting. Other symptoms include radiating pain into the legs and buttocks, locking of the hip joint, decrease in range of motion and increased pain during rainy weather.

Treatment Options for Hip Osteoarthritis:

Hip osteoarthritis cannot be completely eliminated but the symptoms can effectively manage to provide pain relief using different types of treatment procedures based on the severity of the condition. In mild cases weight loss, tropical creams, massage, hot and cold therapy, oral medications and injections can be used to manage the pain, stiffness and other symptoms. If all the above procedures fail to provide adequate relief to the patient then an orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai can opt for hip replacement, osteotomy and hip resurfacing based on the specific condition of the patient. Hip replacement and hip resurfacing are the most common surgical options chosen by joint replacement surgeon to treat hip osteoarthritis. For more information on this procedure, you can go through our article here.

That said if you are approaching your 50s, you must extra cautions about the possible hip pain and take preventive measure like losing extra weight, performing daily exercises and adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you are already experiencing hip pain, you must consult an experienced Orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai to treat the pain before it intensifies.

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