Does the Posture Affect Natural Hip Movement?

Having a good posture is very important for your health. A good posture saves you from a lot of medical conditions that can range from mildly painful to excruciating. Even though our posture is very important, we don’t pay much attention to the importance of good posture. Our posture can affect different parts of our body and leave long term effects. So much attention should be paid to our posture.

Hip Joint

The hip joint is the largest joint in our body. The ball and socket joint connects the femur to the pelvis and allows for flexible movements of the legs. Almost half the weight of our body rests on this joint when we’re walking and the joint suffers a lot of wear and tear as it is frequently used. Therefore, taking care of it is more important than you think.

How bad posture can cause problems

Having a bad posture can sabotage the healthy movements of your hips. Different types of postures put a strain on your body that results in pain or restricted movements in other parts of the body.

When a person sits down for longer periods with his back bent in an unnatural position or walks with his back slouching, it puts pressure on his spine. Over time, this pressure causes the vertebrae in the spine to slip forward onto the other vertebrae. The vertebrae of the spine usually rest on cushion-like structures called disks which avoid friction. When the vertebrae move forward, they press against the nerve that runs through the spinal cord and causes excruciating pain.

While this pain is generally felt as back pain, sometimes, the nerve that runs through the spinal cord and onto the hip is pressed which can cause numbness or pain in the leg and hips.

This numbness and pain restrict the natural movement of the hips. Unlike other forms of joint pain where the pain can be relieved by resting in a certain way, no posture relieves hip pain. No matter what position you are in, hip pain is persistent.

Here are some factors affecting posture:

  • Bad habits: Generally, the main cause of our bad posture is our habit. It’s just that we have never really paid attention to our posture and continued with a slouching posture
  • Environment: Certain working conditions where you have to sit on a chair all day or stand in awkward positions can also promote bad posture.

How to improve posture?

Here are some ways to improve your posture:

  • Sit or convex chairs for a stretched spine.
  • Perform stretching exercises twice or thrice a week.
  • Improve abdominal muscles through an exercise to support your back.
  • Avoid standing on just one food for extended periods.
  • Make sure to cross your legs at the ankle instead of the knee.

Good posture is very important for a healthy life and Dr. Patel Chirag, one of those who do the best orthopaedics and joint replacement in Mumbai, says the same. Dr. Chirag has handled so many cases all around India. The assistance from professionals such as Dr. Chirag can help you to overcome issues related to poor posture with complete ease. Good posture avoids a lot of pain and should be taken very seriously.