Best Joint Replacement Specialist in Surat India

Joint replacement is a procedure where the abnormal or damaged bone and lining structures of the joint are surgically removed and replaced with new parts. The parts are made of metal or plastic. These parts allow the joints to move again with little or no pain at all! This procedure is done by an orthopedic surgeon. Dr Chirag Patel is one of the best Joint Replacement Doctors in Surat. Being a Joint Replacement Specialist, Dr Patel can perform this procedure following a detailed analysis and requirement of the patient.

When you search online for Best Joint Replacement Consultants Surat, Dr Chirag Patel would be one of the top specialists among the list. Dr Patel is a hip and knee joint replacement surgeon, who has also specialised in the same. He has pursued extensive and advanced training in adult hip and knee reconstruction at few of the most reputed centers in US, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Italy.

Besides this, Dr Patel also did his fellowship at the Mater Hospital & the Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Sydney, Australia in Adult Hip & Knee Reconstructive Surgery under A/Prof. William Walter and Dr. Bernard Zicat, specializing in all aspects of primary & revision Hip/Knee Arthroplasty Surgery including Navigation/Computer-aided Joint Replacement and Hip Resurfacing/Unicondylar Knee Replacement. Following this, he got trained further at the St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia under A/Prof. John O’Donnell to master in Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip and performing Anterior Approach Hip Arthroplasty which can minimizes the post-operative recovery or rehabilitation time for hip replacement in a significant rate and also reduce the risk of dislocation following this particular surgery.

Dr. Patel has also done a fellowship in Joint Replacement/Arthroplasty at the Ewha Woman’s University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea, under Prof. Young-Hoo Kim, honing his skills in revision arthroplasty surgery. He has also specialized in Minimally Invasive Arthroplasty under Prof. Nobert Lindner at the St. Josef Hospital, Paderborn, Germany.

Hip/Knee joint replacement surgery is a boon to patients as these surgeries can save the lives of people by giving them a chance to walk again without any pain or mobility issues. Getting a joint replacement surgery is not it. Following the surgery, proper rest and rehabilitation (physiotherapy) can help you regain the motion and flexibility in your joints.

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