Why Knee Braces Needed and How Effective Are They for Treating Knee Pain?

Knee braces are commonly used by patients to reduce knee pain and avoid knee problems during sports. There are many types of knee braces available based on their functionality type and the material used to manufacture them.

The type of brace recommended by Orthopaedic Surgeons in Mumbai depends upon the specific condition of the patient. Joint specialists and orthopaedic surgeons usually recommend them to reduce the discomfort of the knee, off-load the weight that is placed on the damaged portion of the knee. But how effective are they and what is the use of different types of braces? Let us find in this blog here:

Types of Knee Braces:

Type of knee braces can be broadly classified into two major categories – knee braces for structural support and knee braces for pain relief.

Knee Braces for Structural Support:

Knee braces for structural support are usually recommended by Orthopaedic Surgeons in Mumbai for patients who have had a knee injury or ACL tear. These knee braces particularly provide structural support for the battered knee to help in the recovery of the patient. Type of knee braces that can provide structural support to the knee include:

Functional braces: Functional braces stabilize the knee and control the knee from undergoing any unnatural movement to prevent further injury. Functional braces are used by athletes after undergoing major surgery to help them in recovery.

Rehabilitative braces: Rehabilitative braces are used immediately after the surgery or injury to help stabilize the knee while limiting up-and-down, side-to-side knee movements to help recovery.

Prophylactic braces: These are braces that are used as preventive measures to reduce the risk of knee injuries in contact sports such as football. It is widely believed that they reduce the risk of injury but research on this topic is underway, according to Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Chirag Patel.

Knee Braces for Pain Relief:

Knee braces for pain relief are sometimes suggested by an orthopaedic surgeon for patients suffering from arthritis or chronic knee pain fur to previous pain. These knee braces can help reduce knee pain by unloading the stress that is put on the inner knee due to arthritis. This is accomplished by using an unloader knee brace which is custom-designed with foam, plastic and street struts according to the specific knee condition of the patient and the damage caused to the knee.

How effective are knee braces?

The effectiveness of the knee braces depends upon the patient’s knee condition and the type of knee brace suggested. Functional, rehabilitative and unloader knee braces are considered most effective as patients and athletes do benefit from them. However, the effectiveness of the knee brace as said will be depended on specific knee conditions.  An orthopaedic surgeon only after carefully studying the knee condition – ligaments injured, rehabilitation plan, daily activities and sports will be able to suggest a perfect knee brace for the patient.

If you are in Mumbai and are wondering whether a knee brace can help you improve your knee condition then the best thing you can do is consult the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai and have your doubts cleared right away. If you are already searching for one, you can contact the orthopaedic surgeon and joint replacement surgeon Dr Chirag Patel here: https://www.drpatelchirag.com/