Surgical Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma

What is Orthopaedic Trauma?

Orthopaedic trauma care covers the spectrum of simple isolated fractures to severe life threatening accidents with multiple broken bones. Not all orthopaedic traumas are life threatening but it can often lead to a host of problems for the affected patients. There are specialized doctors attending to the orthopaedic traumas across the hospitals. The orthopaedic trauma doctors work tirelessly to heal fractured bones while realigning the anatomic structure of the damaged joints.

Work of leading Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon:

Orthopaedic trauma surgeons and orthopaedic trauma physicians treat serious injuries to bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and sometimes nerves -Few treatments require brace or surgeries for longer rehabilitation as well. Joint realignment for a full recovery and return of functionality to injured body parts is undertaken. Their line of work is all about treating patients with multiple broken bones, compound fractures and fractures near a joint (like a hip or knee).

Different Surgeries for Different Injuries:


Torn Rotator cuff: When the rotator cuff tears, the upper end of the arm bone moves causing difficult and painful. To repair this, small incisions are made to thread the tissue back down to the bone. Recovery time is between 6 months and a year.

Shoulder replacement: Primarily operated for arthritis, which is wear of the cartilage lining of the joint. Recovery time is typically 6 months to a year.

Elbow Fracture Dislocation

Unstable injuries that cannot be adequately treated in a splint or cast may need surgery for stabilization


Leading surgeons work on wrist injuries and implement various solutions to improve the wrist conditions after injury. Dr Chirag Patel has done extensive work on wrist injuries while wrist fractures are stable and can be treated in a cast or splint.  Rarely some displaced breaks require the bone to be set back into its original position.


Ankle injuries are often seen in high intensity physical sports or due to accidents. Ankle fracture dislocations are one of the most common form of ankle injuries. There are diverse surgery options to combat the problem of the ankle dislocation fractures. Dr Chirag Patel Orthopaedic Trauma reviews speak highly about his care of ankle injuries.


Common fractures around the knee include occur at the end of the femur, on the kneecap (patella), and at the top of the tibia (tibial plateau). Knee replacement, ACL Reconstruction are some of the known surgeries done for the knee problems.

Normal Recovery Options

A proper recovery schedule is very much required after a successful surgery. Regular medication with icing on the affected areas is a much needed relief for the patients. High intensity physical activities must be avoided to give the body peace.

Surgical Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma by Dr Chirag Patel is highly effective and well-reviewed by the patients.