Simple Ways To Get Rid of Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be caused due to several reasons. It may be due to arthritis, sprain, nerve damage or gout. The most common cause for ankle pain is sprain. Usually, ankle pain heals on its on by doing some home treatment.

  • Rest your leg and ankle completely: When you have ankle pain, give complete rest to your legs and ankles. Move your ankles slightly at times to avoid stiffness. Try out light activities like swimming which can help in relieving ankle pain and promote healing
  • Use compression socks: Using compression socks can provide pain relief, reduce swelling and preserve the mobility in your ankles. This can also help in healing ankle pain
  • Elevation: Raise your ankle above the heart level to reduce the blood flow to your legs. This can reduce swelling and provide pain relief. Keeping your ankles elevated at night can be very effective as this can reduce pain and swelling overnight
  • Exercise: You can meet a physiotherapist and ask for exercises which can reduce ankle pain. They may suggest simple exercises to do at home. Practicing such exercises can help you get relief from ankle pain
  • Weight loss: Obesity or overweight can be one of the reasons for ankle pain.  Weight loss can be beneficial not only for ankle pain but also to eliminate many health risks. Losing weight and exercising regularly can be beneficial for the overall health as well
  • Epsom salt: Soaking your swollen ankles in cool Epsom salt for around 15-20 minutes to reduce pain in ankles. Epsom salt can help soothe sore muscles and connective tissues. It can also loosen the stiffness in the joints. Epsom salt is used as a home remedy for dealing with swelling and Arthritis pain

Dr Chirag Patel has specialized in Joint Replacement, Revision Joint Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Computer Assisted (Navigation) and Unicondylar Knee Replacement Surgeries. He also treats all orthopaedic problems and can help you in guiding and solving orthopaedic issues from ankle pain or sprain and even in complicated, critical orthopaedic surgeries. He is specialised in dealing with surgeries related to hip and knee joint which includes fractures, trauma, sports injuries and joint replacement.

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