Quick Relief Options for 4 Common Shoulder Problems

Shoulder is the most mobile and, as a result, the most vulnerable joint in the human body. The fact that it plays an instrumental role in almost all sports makes it the most injury-prone joint too. At our Joint and Sports Clinic, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Chirag Patel regularly treats shoulder problems across all genders and age groups. In most cases, the patients fail to reach the doctor as soon as the injury happens.

In some cases, shoulder pain can even happen without injury. We can understand the pain and disability that shoulder pain causes and also the need for quick pain relief before one reaches the shoulder pain specialist. So, in this blog, we identify the four most common shoulder problems that are suffered by people in India and have decided to provide quick remedies for shoulder pain relief. Read on to know them.

4 Most Common Shoulder Problems & Their Quick Remedies:

Shoulder pain without Injury: Repetitive strain on the joint, age-related degeneration, previous history of injury, muscular imbalances, stress, and tension are some of the most common causes of shoulder pain without injury.

Quick pain relief for shoulder pain without injury: Non-prescription medication like ibuprofen can be used to control pain. Patients can try ice therapy by applying an ice pack to the painful area for 15-20 minutes every 2 hours multiple times. One can follow it up with heat therapy by placing a warm pack for 15-20 minutes to ensure blood flow.

Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis): Stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint that keeps you away from using the joint is called frozen shoulder.

Quick Remedies for Frozen Shoulder: Try out a few gentle exercises that make the joint more flexible. If the shoulder is not supportive for these gentle exercises, one may try using an ice pack to numb the pain followed by a heat pack to ensure blood flow. Use pain relief medication for further support. Once your shoulder picks up strength, gently try out exercises to improve the range of motion.

Shoulder Dislocation: Trauma injuries, sports injuries, and even muscular spasms may cause shoulder dislocation, which is a serious problem that needs immediate medical attention.

Quick Remedies for Shoulder Dislocation: “We suggest not to interfere with the shoulder if you feel the shoulder is dislocated. Immobilize the arm and the shoulder joint until you receive proper medical care. Pain relief may only be administered under medical supervision,” says orthopaedic specialist and shoulder pain specialist in Mumbai, Dr. Chirag Patel. So, it seems the only quick pain relief for shoulder dislocation is to immobilize the shoulder joint to ensure it doesn’t cause more pain and to use pain medication only under medical supervision.

Shoulder Bursitis: Bursae are small sacs of fluid in the shoulder joint that smoothen its movements. When inflamed, it causes pain, swelling, and limited range of motion.

Quick Remedy for Shoulder Bursitis 

Shoulder bursitis can come and go as it pleases, making it tough to function. Orthopaedic specialists suggest keeping daily activities on hold and giving a rest to the shoulder to trigger healing. Proper rest can avoid aggravating the pain, giving the chance for bursae to heal. Keeping the painful area cool with a cold compress for 15-20 minutes as many times as possible could provide quick relief in case of shoulder bursitis.

All the above common shoulder problems can drastically impact the quality of life by keeping you away from your daily routine. It is to be understood that the above problems can only provide temporary relief until you consult a shoulder pain specialist. Causes of shoulder pain can be many, so it is always advised to find the root cause of the pain and get comprehensive treatment to avoid the shoulder pain from showing up again. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for shoulder pain treatment in Mumbai, sports injury specialist and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Chirag Patel is here to help.