Meet Orthopaedic Surgeon in Surat – Dr Chirag Patel

When it comes to your health, it is always better to relieve yourself of the pain rather than re-living it every day. While the bones in your body might not be directly visible, and thus bruises or wear and tear and not that apparent, damage to the bones can be one of the more serious health problems to deal with in the long run.

A healthy diet and a controlled amount of physical activities can take care of it. A regular medical check-up for bone health can easily avert serious health problems. However, only in old age when the joints start to hurt and every movement hurts like hell do we think to ourselves “why didn’t I go to orthopaedic doctor when there was still time?”

The joints in the human body that are most commonly injured are –

  • Ankle – the ankle joint is one of the most injury prone joints in the human body. Because of the bony structure of the lower ankle, injuries like sprains, dislocation and fractures can be some common issues. While some injuries might be treated with non-surgical treatments, in some cases a surgery in unavoidable.
  • Knee – the largest joint in the body and responsible for locomotion, the knee joint is often injured or damaged from overworking, from old age or from sports injuries. Any serious damage to the knee joint can restrict movements. Kneecap replacement and other surgical procedures might be necessary in certain cases.
  • Elbow – the elbow joint is a complex mechanical structure built from bones and numerous ligaments. Sports injuries are common to the elbow, which can result from putting too much strain on the elbow. Dr Patel Chirag, a renowned orthopaedic from Surat, says that torn ligaments and other such problems often require non-invasive surgery.
  • Shoulder – this is the most flexible joint in the human body allowing multidirectional movement of the human arm. The shoulder joint is prone to dislocation from sudden jerks of the arm and from excessive wear and tear. Torn tissues might require to be reattached or removed using surgical procedures.
  • Wrist – the wrist is a complex connection of multiple bones and joints. Other than traumatic injuries and wear and tear, the wrist is also damaged when the carpal tunnel is narrowed by swelling of the synovial tissue. Most of the less complicated wrist injuries can be handled using non-surgical methods.
  • Hip – an important ball and socket joint is damaged mostly from old age, wear and tear and accidents. In case of a fracture or displacement, it is hard to treat the hip joint without surgeries.

Dr Patel Chirag, one of the most reputed joint surgeon in Surat, reassures that surgeries are nothing to be afraid of. Although medication can prove to be helpful in some cases, they mostly have side effects. Also, some bone and joint problems can only be treated with surgical methods.

Dr Chirag Patel - Orthopedic Surgeon in Surat
Dr Chirag Patel – Orthopedic Surgeon in Surat

With new advancements in the field of medicine and surgeries, compromising with pain is not an option anymore. Search for orthopaedic doctors near me if you’re from Surat and you’ll get results like Dr Patel Chirag.