Hip Pain Radiating Down The Leg – Here are the Possible Causes

Since the lower back, leg bones and hip joints are interconnected, inflammation or pain in one area can cause a series of problems in the other area. So pain originating in the hip and radiating down the leg is one of the common cases of this interrelated pain. But what causes it and when to consult a doctor?  With the inputs from the best orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel we aim to provide your answers in this blog here about hip pain . Read on:

Causes of hip pain that radiates down the leg:

“Bone fractures, nerve damage, muscle injury, inflammation or prior joint problems are common causes of lower back pain issues, leg injuries and hip problems which may result in hip pain radiating down the leg”, says Dr Chirag Patel who as an orthoscopic specialist in Mumbai has diagnosed hundred hip and leg pain cases. However, in most cases, Sciatica is considered to be the reason for hip pain radiating down the leg.

Sciatica – Common Reason for Hip Pain Radiating Down the Leg:

Sciatica also called lumbar radiculopathy is a pain that is caused due to compression of the sciatic nerve which originates from the lumbar spine and extends down to the back of the thigh through the pelvis.

As a result, the first symptom that arises is the lower back pain that radiates through the hip, and spreads to the buttock, back of the thigh down to a foot. Numbness, weakness in the legs, and loss of bowel and bladder control are other symptoms of Sciatica.

Causes & Treatment for Sciatica:

Usually, Sciatica is caused by the compression of the nerve due to the bulging disk in the back. Other than herniation, the reason for pressure on the nerve can also include obesity, blood clot, nerve disorders or tumours, awkward sitting position or poor posture or even health conditions like diabetes or Lyme disease.

Though mild Sciatica fades away with time there are cases where it can become severe resulting in hip pain that radiates down the leg. An orthopaedic specialist in Mumbai primarily focuses on decreasing pain and increasing the mobility of the patient. Medications (muscle relaxants) and physical therapy are prescribed and as last resort to treat Sciatica laminectomy and microdiscectomy are also looked upon as treatment options.

When to see the doctor?

Sciatica in most cases is mild and fades away with rest. However a patient must immediately see a doctor, more specifically an orthopaedist if the hip or leg pain worsens, senses weakness or numbness in the legs loses control of the bladder or bowel, or develops a high fever.


Given the hip and leg bones are interconnected with nerves running from the spine, any injury to the hip may result in hip and leg pain. Tendinitis, bursitis, injury, dislocation, fracture, inflammation, or nerve compression (Sciatica) may result in hip pain radiating down the leg and only an expert orthopaedic specialist can help treat this condition. If you are a patient suffering from hip pain radiating down the leg and are looking for an orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai, then you can contact Dr Chirag Patel