Easy Physical Therapy for Hip at Home after Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common and successful surgeries that is being performed since years now. Over years, the Hip replacement surgery was able to relieve the pain of millions of patients around the world. If the actual procedure performed by the surgeon is a half battle, the post-operative care and rehabilitation program is the other half.

Having your surgery done is followed by a regular exercise program is what helps you recover from your hip surgery to return back to your normal activities. The prescribed set of exercises restore your strength and improve mobility thus making it easy for you to perform better tasks that were deemed painful before surgery. The main focus must be placed on the simple functional exercises that mimic our everyday activities. That way, it is easier to get back into the groove and gain confidence.

Below are the some of the simplest of exercise that is proven to improve the strength and mobility of the patients after their surgery:

Exercises while on the bed:

Exercise #1:

  • Lie with your back on the bed and toes facing up the ceiling.
  • Now slowly raise your bent right knee upwards by sliding your heel on the bed.
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds.
  • And slide it back to the normal relaxed position and repeat.

Exercise #2:

  • Lie on the bed with your back in a relaxed position just like in the above exercise.
  • Now gently move your legs away from each other.
  • Make sure you keep your knee straight and toes pointing to the ceiling.
  • Bring back the legs to their initial position and repeat.

Exercise #3

  • You need a solid cylinder that resembles a simple roller (circumference of 5 inches) for this exercise.
  • Lie in the simple rest position as in the above exercises and place the roller behind one of your knees (operated leg)
  • Now with the roller placed behind the knee lift the leg in the air and straighten it as much as possible.
  • Hold for 5 seconds, relax and repeat.

 Exercises while sitting:

Exercise #1:

  • Sit in a relaxed position on the chair with ample back and thigh support.
  • Now lift your foot as much as to straighten the knee.
  • Stay still and hold for 5 seconds and slowly lower the foot to the ground.
  • Repeat the same.

Exercise #2:

  • Sit on the chair with your feet placed squarely on the ground in a horizontal line.
  • Now slowly slide your feet as far as it is possible for you without losing your balance or form.
  • Hold the foot in that position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Slide it back to the normal position and repeat the same with another leg.

Exercises while standing:

Do these exercises when you have successfully mastered the above two and find standing quite comfortable. Perform the below exercise while standing straight with your buttocks and pelvis tucked in.


This super set of exercise has to do with an adequate rest between them. Stand straight placing your hands on any sturdy support nearby.

  1. Move your operated leg horizontally away from the other and bring it back to the normal position.
  2. Make sure you keep your leg straight in all times. And repeat.
  3. Rest for a couple of minutes.
  4. Stand straight and still and move the leg vertically away from the other and bring it back to the normal position. Repeat and rest for a couple of minutes.
  5. Stand straight and lift your knee as you would be doing while taking stairs.
  6. Hold the knee for 5 seconds and bring it back to the original position and repeat.

All the above exercises must be done twice a day, with 4sets each time. Do them slowly with a proper form and control.

In the case of hip replacement surgery, it takes only a few days of inactivity to get your muscles weakened and trigger other health problems as well. It was found out that the patients who have been performing these simple exercise were recovered 4 times faster than patients who are under just medication and bed rest. So never miss the exercise regimen if you are aiming for faster an healthier recovery

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