Do I Need Surgery for a Meniscus Tear?

A meniscus tear is one of the most common knee injuries. This injury is especially common in athletes or tennis or basketball players because these sports involve constant twisting and pivoting of the knee.

Other than that, any movement that makes you twist your knee while you have your full weight on it can cause the tearing of the meniscus. A knee has two pieces of cartilage that act as a soft buffer between the shinbone and the thigh bone (also called menisci).

Symptoms of a Torn Meniscus

A torn meniscus results in swelling and consequent stiffness and pain. Other symptoms include:
● A popping sensation
● Pain while rotating the knee
● Difficulty in moving or straightening the knee
● A locked sensation or a feeling of blockage while moving the knee
● Weakness in the knee, feeling as they might give way


The usual treatment for a torn meniscus involves testing the knee, avoiding any sudden twisting movements, avoiding rigorous physical activities and positions that put pressure on the knee. You can also apply various creams and ice packs. In some cases, these treatments work, and the pain is alleviated. In other cases, however, you might have to visit the doctor and have it surgically repaired.

When to Visit the Doctor

You should visit the doctor if the pain persists for weeks and does not diminish in severity. Also, visit the doctor when you face trouble in making normal movements. A torn meniscus should be treated as soon as possible because it could lead to some complications.

Torn Meniscus in the Knee: Possible Complications

While it may seem minor, and it is, Torn meniscus could lead to complications. Firstly, persistent pain causes one to be irritable and there is a significant impact on one’s movement. The injured knee could also develop osteoarthritis.

Risk Factors

The chances of complications arising due to a torn meniscus are high in athletes and sportspersons. The complications also increase with an increase in weight. Obese people are prone to these complications. Another factor is age. A torn meniscus is felt more severely in older people as compared to younger people.


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