Common Skiing Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Skiing is one of the most common and popular ice sports across the world. The winter time is rife with people planning holiday trips to the best resorts in the mountains. Holiday and skiing can be ruined if one doesn’t invoke precautions and needed care. A wrong move can unleash injuries to the body and dampen the holiday spirits. The most common injuries in skiing happen to the lower limb, most commonly the knee. Skiing is one of the popular winter sports helping the people be fit and stay healthy in the face of spiralling lifestyle issues. Ski safety is paramount in order to soak the fun and enjoyment of the skiing. Employ some basic Tips to Prevent Skiing-Related Knee Injuries to enjoy the fan while avoiding the pitfalls of the skiing.

4 common injuries of skiing:

  • Leg fractures and sprain

Falls and collisions are the primary reasons for the leg fractures and sprains in the skiers. Fractures are generally more common in older skiers due to their bones being brittle.

  • Anterior cruciate injury (ACL)

The ACL, located in the middle of the knee, stops your shin bone from sliding in front of your thigh bone. ACL lends stability and functionality to the knee and any damage hampers the mobility of the knee. ACL injuries needs surgery and a proper rehabilitation for you to again start skiing.

  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Damage

MCL links the shinbones to the thighbones and it is a common injury in the skiing world. all MCL sprains can be treated simply by wearing a brace that limits your use of the ligament until it’s healed. Once the recovery is done and after due consultation with the doctors, skiing can be resumed.

  • Hand fractures and sprains

Impact activities like the skiing largely lends injuries and damages to the hand in form of fractures and sprains. Thumb injury is one of the vulnerable spots and common in the body apart from MCL.

Preventing the Skiing injuries with proper care-

The basic premise to skiing is to learn the art of skiing from the experience ski experts. Take proper skiing lessons to be adept at the surrounding and avoid naïve mistakes. Wearing the right and best quality equipment is crucial so shop for the right and best skiing gear.

Some of the ways to reduce injuries are:

  • Take rest breaks between the exercise
  • Know the physical capacity and don’t drain your body of energy
  • Don’t explore the off course for skiing and stick to the designed course
  • Keep in touch with fellow skiers
  • Keep your focus and concentration at highest level

In case of injuries, consult the doctor immediately and take corrective steps. Dr Patel Chirag is one of best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Surat while also one of the leading experts on the orthopaedic injuries in India. Follow right advice and enjoy the Skiing experience.