Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

What is Chronic Knee pain?

According to the leading doctors across India, Knee pain is one of the major causes of chronic pain. Aging is often followed by chronic knee pain and it becomes an unavoidable feature as we grow older. Consulting with specialized Knee doctors can help the people avail chronic knee pain treatment. The post helps the people in identifying the common causes of chronic knee pain.

Where does the Knee hurt?

Connection of the knee is managed by the four ligament present:

  • The anterior cruciate ligament, known as the ACL
  • The posterior cruciate ligament, known as the PCL
  • The medial collateral ligament, known as the MCL
  • The lateral collateral ligament, known as the LCL

ACL and PCL injuries are common and can’t be healed without the aid of the Knee specialized doctors like Dr. Chirag Patel. Apart from it, we have the meniscus and works to spread the weight of the body across the knee joint. If over the top physical activity is applied, meniscus will be torn.

Places where the pain occurs:

  • Pain behind knee
  • Pain in back of knee
  • Inside knee pain
  • Pain on outside of knee
  • Knee pain when bending
  • Pain below knee cap
  • Pain above knee

Common Causes of Knee pain:

  1. Injury

Physical exercise or extensive rigorous physical efforts leads to this. Few injuries responsible for knee pain are:

Torn Meniscus- This happens when knee is suddenly twisted.

ACL injury- Footballers and Sportspeople suffer from it.

If the knee injuries are overlooked, it can lead to a chronic knee pain problem. Dr. Chirag Patel reviews the injuries and would try to find the best knee pain treatment for better well-being of patients.

  1. Wear and Tear Conditions

External factors including age, weight and mechanical wear and tear, arthritis of the knee affects millions of people in India.

Multiple Risk Factors

Important factors often lead to an increase in the risk for knee injuries. Lifestyle problems are often a problem for the people as we see a rise in knee problems.

Being Overweight: Weigh increase or being above the weight standards leads to a further stress on the knees.

Mechanical Problems: Other mechanical issues such as having one leg longer than the other or a spinal issue such as scoliosis is an important factor too. The knees will try to compensate for the imbalance and leads to pain in the knee.

Lack of strength or flexibility: Muscles help support the knee joint, and lack of muscle means less support. This leads to pain for the knees.

Treatment of Knee Pain by Specialized Knee Doctors:

Taking into account the multiple knee injuries and pain, one can go through the different methods of knee treatments. Knee Joint Injections are minimally invasive and can be highly effective.

There are Knee specialist doctors diagnosing the cause of your pain and suggest treatment options that works. Dr. Chirag Patel works on Knee pain be it chronic or injuries.