Announcement – Dr Chirag Patel Now Extends His Medical Practice to Mumbai

After helping thousands of patients in Surat get rid of their debilitating knee, hip and other orthopaedic conditions, Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Specialist Dr Chirag Patel is now extending his medical practice to Mumbai.

Specializing in Orthopaedics, Dr Chirag Patel has been one of the very few orthopaedic specialists with a remarkable track record in treating all types’ advanced orthopaedic problems & sports injuries. And come next month, Dr. Patel will be extending his expertise with Mumbai as his primary centre.

Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Surat – Years of Trust, Experience & Expertise

A recipient of multiple fellowships from prestigious universities of Australia, New York, USA, Germany, South Korea and Singapore, Dr Chirag Patel is an expert in joint replacement, hip resurfacing, orthoscopic (key-hole) surgeries and treatment of all types of sports-related injuries, hip and knee fractures. And his versatile expertise and experience in treating all types of orthopaedic problems have come to fore in Surat where thousands of patients have become free from painful orthopaedic problems that they endured for years.

His Joints & Sports Clinic in Surat has become an epicentre for treatment for orthopaedic problems, sports injuries, trauma/fractures and joint problems for years now. As an expert in advanced joint replacement procedures of total knee replacement and hip replacement, Dr Patel has helped many elder patients receive new cease of life to their joint health even through the pandemic. “My mother’s chronic knee pain was perfectly treated with knee replacement surgery by Dr Chirag Patel,” says Anand Jain whose mother was relieved with accelerated treatment and safe surgery in Surat amidst the pandemic.

In all his years as an orthopaedic surgeon and joint specialist in Surat Dr, Chirag Patel has also become a recipient of sincere and heart-felt testimonials from hundreds of his patients. And with all their good wishes on blessings on his side, Dr Patel would like to extend his orthopaedic expertise to Mumbai to help as many patients as possible.

We are pleased to announce Dr Patel will extend his expertise as orthopaedic consultant and specialist hip and knee surgeon in Surya Hospital and Apollo Spectra Hospital in Mumbai.

However here is the good news, Dr Chirag Patel will be still available for his patients in Surat at Sunshine Global Hospital, Piplod, Surat & Tristar Multispecialty Hospital, Surat on Saturday of every week from 11 AM to 2 PM. & 2 PM to 4 PM (Prior Appointments only). He will not be available at Kiran Hospitals. So, patients are requested to schedule a prior appointment with Dr Chirag Patel for consultation at Sunshine Global Hospital.