5 Common Bone & Joint Disorders That Everyone Should Know About

The human body is made up of 206 bones and 360 joints (yes!). What this indicates is that there are 500+ ways one can suffer an orthopaedic problem in their lifetime. Given they form our musculoskeletal system, these bone and joint disorders suck the life out of an individual.

Especially, bone and joint disorders and other Orthopaedic conditions in the 50s are a bane for elder citizens. They drastically reduce the quality of life of the individuals and tie them to the bed. Given the old age, the recovery is clamped down and the condition continues to persist. So the best thing the young can do is to take the right care of the body and improve their awareness of these common bone and joint disorders to provide better care for their kith and kin. So in this blog with the input of top orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai Dr Chirag Patel we list out common bone and joint disorders that are commonly diagnosed in Indian patients:

Bone and Joint Disorders


Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder where the cartilage between the joints is word down. As the cushion wears off, bones start to rub on each other causing swelling, stiffness and pain. There is no cure for osteoarthritis. It can only be delayed with the right food, exercise and lifestyle habits. Death, taxes and arthritis are the common adages that are commonly referred to about this joint condition. It is no wonder that almost every individual at some point is said to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis.


Osteoporosis is a silent bone disorder which is characterized by reduced bone density and mass resulting in an increased risk of fracture and bone injuries. While osteoporosis naturally sets in as we age, in few cases it can develop even in younger folks without any symptoms. A fracture sometimes is the only direct symptom making it a dangerous condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder where the body begins to attack healthy cells all around the body leading to inflammation and painful swelling. Wrists, hands, knees – it can attack any joint in the body ultimately damaging the joint tissues and causing deformities and instabilities.


Scoliosis is a bone disorder that is characterized by abnormal -‘s’ type curvature of the spine which processes as the child grows. It hits a child during puberty and continues to worsen with age for an average of 7 years. “The cause of scoliosis is not exactify known but it is believed to be due to neurological abnormalities, birth defects and genetic conditions.” says top ortho doctor in Mumbai Dr Chirag Patel.

Gout Disease

Gout is another common type of inflammatory arthritis condition that is caused by excess uric acid build-up in the body. This uric acid over time crystallizes and begins to impact the joints and surrounding tissues, damaging them gradually. Ankles, knees and toes joints are commonly targeted joints by Gout. Intense redness, intermittent pain, swelling and warm sensation are common symptoms of this joint disorder. Individuals with health conditions like obesity and diabetes are more at risk of this condition. Increased intake of high-fructose foods, alcohol and diuretics also play increase the risk of Gout.

Except for Scoliosis, the incidence of all the above bone and joint disorders all be positively impacted by a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. With the inputs from Mumbai’s top orthoptist, Dr Chirag Patel we have made simple guides on both topics which you can find here: Simple Exercise for Knee, Dietary Choice for Better Joint Health.