Five reasons why Alcohol Consumption is bad for your Joints:

Nothing can affect your health as much as excessive and unmoderated alcohol consumption. Apart from gradually affecting the general health, it is particularly detrimental to the joints in case one suffers from arthritis.

Excessive alcohol consumption is often the destructor-in-chief of joints, especially among patients with a progressive arthritic condition. It impacts the health of joints in more ways than one making it difficult to recuperate as you age.

So how does alcohol consumption affect your joints?

Here are the five ways how:

Interferes with medications:

Alcohol interferes with the arthritis medication taken by the patients suffering from arthritis. The alcohol consumed while taking anti-rheumatic medication can increase the risk of liver toxicity resulting in dangerous liver cirrhosis. Even over-the-counter medication can increase the risk of ulcers and bleeding if alcohol is consumed during the treatment.

Acts as a diuretic and worsens the joint pains

While water is essential for the smooth functioning of ligaments and tissues in the body, alcohol acts as a diuretic i.e. it increases the excretion of water from the body. Regular consumption of alcohol can dehydrate the body robbing the joints of their much-needed lubrication. As we age, it becomes difficult for the body to keep our joints lubricated and alcohol worsens the arthritis condition.

Weakens the immunity:

As we age our immunity system naturally slows down and alcohol can even further accelerate this process make it harder for the body to heal itself. In the case of arthritis, this makes it difficult to self-heal the conditions that cause them pain and even normal injuries like falls and sprains can take an eternity to completely heal themselves.

Increases the likelihood of Gout:

Alcohol particularly impacts inflammatory arthritis conditions like Gout caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood. The purines present in alcohol further increase the uric acid levels increase the risk of Gout. According to research, men who consume unmoderated amounts of alcohol are 41% more likely to develop Gout.

Ravages your general health:

Alcohol has this dangerous cumulative effect on the health making it tougher to lead a healthy life. For example, excessive drinking depletes Vitamin C levels in the body which are essential for cartilage in the joints, a crucial component of joint health. It impairs the quality of sleep, encourages poor diet practices resulting in weight gain which ultimately affects the joints.

But there are also cases where alcohol is reported to decrease the joint pain in adults, you say?

Of course, alcohol is not an enemy for everyone. Moderated consumption of alcohol for normal people is fine as it is found to improve joint health too. But if you are suffering from arthritis, you must consult a joint specialist before you gulp down a pint.

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